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Episode Summary

This week we talk through prototyping, sticking to the domain, estimation and.... iteration. Hey, that's the name of the show.

Episode Notes

Chapter 2 - A Pragmatic Approach

Tip 16: Prototype to learn

JP: I love doing this during "exploration" - careful not to use prototypes in prod 👀

John: prototype vs tracer bullet - Expectations: Remind them that you can build a great prototype of a new car out of balsa wood and duct tape, but you wouldn't try to drive it in rush-hour traffic! - Localhost with ngrok

Tip 17: Program Close to the problem domain

JP: Remember to focus on domain problems and not petty implementation details

John: Let your code be english! - Let it reflect the way your team talks. execute_email_delivery_protical vs send_email

Tip 18: Estimate to avoid surprises

JP: Be deliberate and keep track... wording is key (i.e. specificity)

John: Reality - scope is a Moving target - Tracer code and testing helps make sure estimates are well thought out. Charge to estimate / mockup.

Tip 19: Iterate the schedule with code

JP: Keep an open line of communication about expectations for scheduling

John: What to say when you are asked for an estimate "I'll get back to you" - Scope can be revised. Not just timeline.