In Between Books

Episode Summary

This week we talk about Javascript, Ruby, and some of our favorite parts from Practical Objected Oriented Programming.

Episode Notes

S06E01 - DO IT LIVE!

This week is a more casual episode where we talk about recent struggles findings and some of our favorite parts of our most recent book. Practical Object-Oriented Programming in Ruby

We'll be back episode covering a new book - Refactoring by Martin Fowler

A weekly podcast about programming, development, and design through the lens of amazing books, chapter-by-chapter.

CH2 - Designing Classes with a single responsibility

Chapter 7 - Favorite Takeaways/Examples From POODR

My Team Came up with:

include Listable

include Lister

Any user type can act as a “Lister” and add things to the list

Any object can be “Listable” or “added to a list”

Recent Lessons - Always have a staging environment