Roundtable: When Tech Meets Business 🤝

Episode Summary

This week we do a deep dive into applying tech to business. We are joined by a guest Jonathan Masehi-Lano a software engineer at Open Door. We use Real Estate as a jumping-off point for talking through how to apply software to tech.

Episode Notes

A weekly podcast about programming, development, and design.

Conversation — When Tech Meets Business

Who is Jon? Tell us a bit about your educational background and how you eventually landed at Opendoor

Jon, Briefly tell us why you're interested in Real Estate

As a software engineer, why is it important to understand the domain that you're building for?

  1. Build in domains you are excited about
  2. Understand customer pain points
  3. Check out the competitive landscape
  4. Books books books

Do you think you need to be interested in the domain you're working in to do well?

What are some insights (perhaps specific to real estate) that came from someone who was non-technical?

How do you know when you should apply technology to solve a domain problem?