New Book: Extreme Programming

Episode Notes

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Extreme Programing Explained Embrace change

By Kent Beck

Chapter 1 - What is XP?

"Extreme Programing is about social change. It's about letting go of habits and patterns that were adaptive in the past, but now in the way of us doing out best work. It's about giving up the defenses that protect us but interfere with our productivity. It may leave us feeing exposed.

It's about being open about what we are capable of doing and then doing it. And, allowing and expecting others to do the same...

...It's about the process of becoming more of our best selves and in the process our best as developers. And, it's about writing great code...

"Philosophy of software based on... communication, feedback, simplicity, courage and respect.

"XP is my attempt to reconcile humanity and productivity in my own practice of software development..."

"How would you do it if you had enough time? — Fussing about the constraints distracts you from your goals. Your clear self does the best work no matter what the constraints are"

Final Summary — What is XP?