Deeper Into Extreme Programing

Episode Notes

Welcome to Iteration: a weekly podcast about programming, development, and design through the lens of amazing books, chapter by chapter

Corollary Practices of Extreme Programing

corollary: noun, a proposition that follows from one already proved. e.g. "The huge increases in unemployment were the corollary of expenditure cuts.

TLDR: Walk before you run

Real Customer Involvement

The point of customer involvement is to reduce wasted effort by putting the people with the needs in direct contact with the people who can fill those needs.

Root Cause Analysis

(After you write tests and fix the bug...) Once the defect is resolved, figure out _why_ the defect was created and wasn't caught. Initiate the necessary changes to prevent this kind of defect in the future

Five Whys

Incremental Development

Negotiated scope contract

Magic formula for success as an agency:

Other practices

The Whole XP Team

A variety of people must work together in interlinking ways to make a project more effective. They have to work together as a group for each to be successful.

TLDR: what should each of these roles do on an XP team?