The Git Episode ⑂

Episode Summary

This week we dive into Git, Github Git workflows, tips tricks and more.

Episode Notes

Git-ing things done.

A weekly podcast about programming, development, and design.

I'm John, I run a design and development firm that builds apps and websites.

I'm joined by JP:

Hi everyone! I'm a full stack software engineer at a real estate tech start up.

Catch up / What's today's episode about?

Teaching / Learning section

Git at a very high level

What does your personal / work git workflow look like?

i.e. walk me through how you might use git when you implement a new feature

this can be a longer section where we talk about git / github as it relates to working on a product

Goodies + TIL section

Git Goodie #1: --no-pager

Git TIL: git commit without the -m flag

John: Git Goodie — git stash