Beef 🥩 or Bust 💥 Learning from other platforms

Episode Summary

This week JP and John dig into platforms we love and hate and what we can learn from them.

Episode Notes

A weekly podcast about programming, development, and design.

I'm John, I run a design and development firm that builds apps and websites.

I'm joined by JP:

Hi, I'm a software engineer at a real estate tech start up

Catch up / What's today's episode about?

This week Best and Worst Apps

JP: Gripe 1: 👎 Page Reloads

Web app: Iterable - every "save" reloads the page

Mobile app: Notion - every change to a kanban board reloads the page; every time you swipe back, the page reloads

Takeaway: Optimistic rendering

John: Password resets taking a thousand years

JP: Gripe 2: Resetting my filter settings

Mobile app:; I would need to register to save my settings. Maybe this is intended?

John: Not thinking about the size of the device

JP: Gripe 3: Login button on marketing page opens new tab and authenticates me

John: Facebook Logout Bullshit

If you log out of the facebook app it doesn't actually log you out.

It goes to this screen with your profile photo and a password field, it's still collecting data on accounts associated with that phone.

Slack Gripes

John: Deranged Email Collection Pop Ups

"Would you like to be rich and beautiful?"

JP: Cool feature 1: Power user shortcuts

Desktop app: Slack has a cmd + k to search, cmd + r to refresh, etc

Desktop app: Youtube scroll on a full screen video

Chrome: youtube + tab to search | ebay + tab to search

John: In app pop up ads

John: Multiple Accounts + Team Management

John: Hitlist of Beautiful platforms that get most things mostly right

John: iOS "Smartlinks"